Adarsh Raveendra

Coder, Trainer & Wanderer


What I am all about.

I love making cool stuff's on hardware and software platforms. Also I love training people on most trending technologies like AI, ML, Nodejs and Internet of Things, MuC's and SoC's.

For the past 6 years I’ve been helping small industries to automate things using Machine Learning,Internet of things and different software platforms.


Batman would be jealous.

Embedded Systems

I've worked on most of the SOC available in the market and I've got an excelent understanding about Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ARM7, AVR, Arduino and 8051.


Web Apps

Since childhood I was passionate about the web technologies and I've created many web apps so far. I love PHP and recently developed a crush towards Node.js and ReactJs.


Mobile Apps

I'm profficient in Native Android apps development and created couple of apps. And I've started learning Hybrid mobile apps development using Nativescript-vue and ReactNative.


Internet of Things

Connecting things to internet has always been my passion; I used lot of the soc's available in the market but I fell in love with ESP8266. I've used many soc's available in the market but I must admit ESP8266 is such a wonder in the market.


Progress bars, anyone?

Machine Learning


Internet of Things


Python, Open CV




Android / Hybrid Apps


Mongo DB, Firebase


ARM7, and other SOC's


AWS / Google cloud


Yes. I've been around.
2015 – Present

Freelance Trainer and Developer


New Delhi, IN

As a freelancer I've undertaken many training sessions and developed couple of projects on Software and Hardware platforms. I also gained an experience on working projects with remote partners world wild. I've delivered morethan 300+ Training sessions across India and Delivered 10+ Corporate trainings.

2014 – 2017

Entrench Electronics

Sr. Embedded Developer

New Delhi, IN

I lead and supervised project of the company IoT based school management system, Smart Gas meter, fire fighting robots are few of them. The period in entrench also helped me to develop business strategies and marketing skills.

2014 – 2014

Times India

Sr. Research Engineer

Okhla, IN

I've got an oppurtunity to develop and implimients many recent technologies. Also I got an opportunity to manage a team of 21 junior research engineer and an opportunity to extend my managerial skills.

2013 – 2014


Research Engineer

New Delhi, IN

I've developed and managed many training module as research engineer. And I got many opportunites to sharpen my skills in Mobile app Development and Embedded Systems.


Lazy isn't in my vocabulary.
2009 – 2013

Anna University of Technology

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Tamilnadu, IN

I've developed many Mini Projects and organized several workshops. Apart from learning technical content college life also helped me to enhance my leadership qualities.